Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dallas Treasure Trove

Want to do your own casting of hard to find bits.....or make special bases?  I found the mother load!
Maybe you have watched the youtube tutorials by XanderXereus.
You can find them Xanders Tutorial

Well I found the kit he used and at a very nice deal.  The store will sell to the public OR you can order online.
This kit is such a great deal @ $52.  The silicone and resin bottles by themselves sell for 56...and this comes with  mold release and user guides!

Also they have higher quantities and qualities for those so inclined!
I also grabbed a couple bricks of Plasticine for just $2 :)

Here is the info you need.  Great guy to deal with!

Tell him I told you so!

Area 51 Comics Grapevine, TX

Quick shout out for a great little game store we found while in the Dallas Metro today!
I found my 3rd caber thrower and got a couple paints I needed as well :)
Sadly the owner wouldnt sell me his own personal instant mold, but hey who can blame him LOL.

Salamanders - Landraider Redeemer

Failures - broken doors that are now glued shut!
Success - good looking Forgeworld doors
To Do - Painting and Highlighting

Trollbloods - Dire Troll Mauler

I decided to start with the Mauler as the first model.  It is my favorite model of what I currently own.
Thankfully Privateer models come very clean of extra debris.  So after some very minor clean up and
a little green stuff for the cracks..it was time to paint!

I primed the model and then started with a base of enchanted blue.  Sorry I don't have a picture of that step, but I was pleased with the color for this model.  Next I used a wash for the very first time, and being new I THOUGHT I needed to completely coat the whole model.  Well that was a HUGE mistake....gone is my enchanted blue....  Here is the results.

Needless to say...its time to strip and start over!  Stay tuned!


Welcome!  My name is Greg and I am "The Prodigal Gamer".  Why? might you ask....
I drive a semi truck.  I'm on the road roughly 325 days a year, so I don't get around near as much
as I'd like to game with friends and family.  It has NOT diminished my love for gaming and miniatures!

This is my very first attempt at blogging.  I wanted an opportunity to share my works in progress.
Successes and failures alike hopefully I'll learn and improve as I go, and maybe you will see something you like!

Current Endeavors -

Warhamer 40k           - Salamanders ( my brother John's army )
                                 - Deathwing / Blood Angels ( my own chapter variant armies )

Warmachine / Hordes -  Trollbloods ( my army )