Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trollbloods - Dire Troll Mauler

I decided to start with the Mauler as the first model.  It is my favorite model of what I currently own.
Thankfully Privateer models come very clean of extra debris.  So after some very minor clean up and
a little green stuff for the cracks..it was time to paint!

I primed the model and then started with a base of enchanted blue.  Sorry I don't have a picture of that step, but I was pleased with the color for this model.  Next I used a wash for the very first time, and being new I THOUGHT I needed to completely coat the whole model.  Well that was a HUGE mistake....gone is my enchanted blue....  Here is the results.

Needless to say...its time to strip and start over!  Stay tuned!

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