Monday, October 31, 2011

Speaking of Firsts!

My first non Games Workshop model
My first contest entry
My first skin

Rather proud of the first....looking forward to more improvement..of course

Kingdom Death's  White Speaker

Friday, October 21, 2011

Contested Ground!

With October's turn in completed, I've been focusing on several models non - GW.
Most have been selected to challenge myself in the painting of skin or cloth.

Others and the focus of this blog entry are being worked on for specific contests.

First, for PAINT IT PINK
I chose Grissel Bloodsong from Privateer Press.  She is coming along well, but
still LOTS to do

and for WAMP the Kingdom Death contest
I chose one of the white speaker models on a base from miliput and a green stuff
dragon head.  Here she is ready for paint

Challenging myself to improve!
Now Get Your Paint On!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oktoberfest Marine Style!

I'm 14 days early!  I have October's installment of the WARPIGG painting
challenge completed!!!!!

If on November 3rd I cannot attend the live turn in this post will serve to
do just that.

2 Units of Tactical Marines -   420 pts
       powerfist sergeants, lascannon heavy weapons, melta special weapons
1 piece of terrain

Why yes a marine's head does fit neatly inside the beasties mouth!

Now get your paint on!

Casting Call

This is part 2 of my foray into casting bits.
It was time to break the first half of the mold out of the lego box.

After peeling of the plasticine - which I need to find a way to keep it from sticking
so badly to what I'm casting or find another medium -  I made sure the pieces were
again laying in their proper spots and rebuilt the lego box...a little higher this time.

Mix the Oomoo and pour

Wait 6 hours

You probably notice the color difference.  Me too!  The only thing I can figure is
that I didn't get the blue part of the red / blue  premixed properly, but thankfully
it did not affect the mold OR the results.

At this point, I failed to grab any pictures.  The task though was to use an exacto
knife and clean up the air vents etc for my newly created injection mold.

I then mixed the 2 part resin which only has a 3 min max work time so it had to be
done very quickly.   The tutorial I had watched said be careful you don't use too much
resin.  I guessed how much I would need...cut that in half...and then when I injected it,
It took less than half of my half!  Less than 5 ccs ( 1 tsp ) completely fill the mold to

The results?! ( Pre opening the mold I'm praying for just 2 usable power fists )

I got 3!!!!  The only flaw in the whole deal was my setup!  If I had placed them
differently, I would have 4 and have not had any bubbles.  As it was I had very small
bubbles just in the finger tips which I daubed with the new GW liquid green stuff.

Attached -

Completely painted -

An astounding success!  I'm looking forward to my next role!

Now get your paint on!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Beacon In The Dark

I sent a picture of my workspace over to the guys at Massive Voodoo
for their birthday contest.  Imagine my surprise to see that jarhead
actually posted it on his blog.  I was honored and thrilled.  You can see
that here on his site.

Tonight, I snapped a shot of my truck with all my lights going while
I was working on various projects.  Amusing!

Now get your paint on!

Color Theory - Royally Tough Subject!

I made a little progress on Queen Ileosa.  Still have not touched
 a brush to her, but I have now chosen a split complimentary
palette which can be seen here

Next it was time to ready the paints by continuing my change over
to dropper bottles

Left to right
Water - Flowaid - Retarder Mix
Burnished Gold - for fine scroll work, crown, etc
White - for creating tint
Gray - for creating tone
Black - for creating shade
Orange - split complimentary color
Yellow - split complimentary color
Blue/Violet - split  complimentary color

Can't wait to get started still hoping to do this great model justice like you can see

Now get your paint on!

RE-Kroot testing!

Well I failed to post the previous test model for the Sha'cea kroot.  Needless
to say you didn't miss anything.  I hated it and it is taking an "awesome" bath.

Tonight I finished another version and I am extremely happy with how it
turned out.

Kroot test paint job #2

Once the owner approves of the paint scheme, work can continue.

Now get your paint on!

Got a Lego Up!

Thanks to some quick thinking my brother John.  We made a pitstop at a huge
mall in Schaumburg, IL.  We had a few hours to kill between loads, and I had
driven over to a Dick Blick store to waste more money on whatever tickled
my newest fancy.  Right next door was the mall that contained....


For just 8 dollars, I got to fill a cup up with exactly the legos I wanted.  This
was a big improvement over a $30 + set from Wal-mart with a ton of junk
I would never use.

On we go with Salamander progress and my first go at resin casting!
Time to bust out

Add legos and plasticine

Next came the power fists that I'm casting.  A sprue piece to inject through, as well
as filler ports and air vents ( from qtip sticks )

Add the Oomoo ( Mold material )

As I type this, I am 5.5 hours through the 6 hour wait for the other half
I know these sergeants can't wait for their arms so we can get next months turn in

Then I will...and you should...

Now get your paint on!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's all in a name

Well just as my name implies,  I will be missing the first turn in for
WARPIGG Painting Challenge.   The guys are nice enough to let me
turn in via pictures when I can't make it as usual.

So here is my turn in for September
Landraider + Scouts + 3 Objective Markers  410 pts

Now Get Your Paint On!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Noble Task!

An impromptu visit today to Lone Star Comics #1 in Dallas, TX was quite
enjoyable.  They had a great clean store, friend employees, and a nice
selection of many miniature games....although no Privateer Press /cry

I found a great little miniature from Reaper's Pathfinder line that I look
forward to painting.  I hope I can do her justice!

Meet Queen Ileosa .

Get your paint on!

I Lava Good Base!

Here is a full recap of my lava bases including "How to Paint"

Design - Cake texture form - Walmart

Add Green Stuff -

When cured remove and mark out your bases

Cut out - glue to your bases

Painting step #1
Black Primer

Painting step #2
Red Gore brushed liberally all the way to the top edge of the crevices

Painting step #3
Blazing Orange brush again in all crevices but not all the way up the sides so some
red is still showing

Painting step #4
Golden Yellow paint thinly along the bottom of the crevices leaving both red and
orange showing

Painting step #5
Skull White painted only in the deepest parts of the crevice where lava is the hottest.
This is a spot highlight only

Painting step #6
Fortress Grey dry stippled on the very top of the rock for an ashy porous look.

Finished product with the Salamanders!

Get your paint on!