Monday, October 17, 2011

Casting Call

This is part 2 of my foray into casting bits.
It was time to break the first half of the mold out of the lego box.

After peeling of the plasticine - which I need to find a way to keep it from sticking
so badly to what I'm casting or find another medium -  I made sure the pieces were
again laying in their proper spots and rebuilt the lego box...a little higher this time.

Mix the Oomoo and pour

Wait 6 hours

You probably notice the color difference.  Me too!  The only thing I can figure is
that I didn't get the blue part of the red / blue  premixed properly, but thankfully
it did not affect the mold OR the results.

At this point, I failed to grab any pictures.  The task though was to use an exacto
knife and clean up the air vents etc for my newly created injection mold.

I then mixed the 2 part resin which only has a 3 min max work time so it had to be
done very quickly.   The tutorial I had watched said be careful you don't use too much
resin.  I guessed how much I would need...cut that in half...and then when I injected it,
It took less than half of my half!  Less than 5 ccs ( 1 tsp ) completely fill the mold to

The results?! ( Pre opening the mold I'm praying for just 2 usable power fists )

I got 3!!!!  The only flaw in the whole deal was my setup!  If I had placed them
differently, I would have 4 and have not had any bubbles.  As it was I had very small
bubbles just in the finger tips which I daubed with the new GW liquid green stuff.

Attached -

Completely painted -

An astounding success!  I'm looking forward to my next role!

Now get your paint on!

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