Saturday, October 8, 2011

Got a Lego Up!

Thanks to some quick thinking my brother John.  We made a pitstop at a huge
mall in Schaumburg, IL.  We had a few hours to kill between loads, and I had
driven over to a Dick Blick store to waste more money on whatever tickled
my newest fancy.  Right next door was the mall that contained....


For just 8 dollars, I got to fill a cup up with exactly the legos I wanted.  This
was a big improvement over a $30 + set from Wal-mart with a ton of junk
I would never use.

On we go with Salamander progress and my first go at resin casting!
Time to bust out

Add legos and plasticine

Next came the power fists that I'm casting.  A sprue piece to inject through, as well
as filler ports and air vents ( from qtip sticks )

Add the Oomoo ( Mold material )

As I type this, I am 5.5 hours through the 6 hour wait for the other half
I know these sergeants can't wait for their arms so we can get next months turn in

Then I will...and you should...

Now get your paint on!

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