Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Lava Good Base!

Here is a full recap of my lava bases including "How to Paint"

Design - Cake texture form - Walmart

Add Green Stuff -

When cured remove and mark out your bases

Cut out - glue to your bases

Painting step #1
Black Primer

Painting step #2
Red Gore brushed liberally all the way to the top edge of the crevices

Painting step #3
Blazing Orange brush again in all crevices but not all the way up the sides so some
red is still showing

Painting step #4
Golden Yellow paint thinly along the bottom of the crevices leaving both red and
orange showing

Painting step #5
Skull White painted only in the deepest parts of the crevice where lava is the hottest.
This is a spot highlight only

Painting step #6
Fortress Grey dry stippled on the very top of the rock for an ashy porous look.

Finished product with the Salamanders!

Get your paint on!

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