Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brush with Disaster!

So about 10 days or so ago I went to an art store in San Antonio, TX.
I asked for Winsor Newton series 7 brushes and the guy pulls out a
brush from under his counter that was a series 707.

A quick google showed me that it was a limited edition short handle
series 7, so I went ahead and got the brush.  I was so eager to get my
hands on a great brush.

Unfortunately, it was and it wasn't.  Heres what it looks like.

Mind you thats AFTER i reformed the head 1x.  It was much much worse when I got it.
I ended up getting the brush free, so I can't complain toooo much, but now I know
much better how a good brush should come.  The ONLY merit this brush has is that
the second it gets snaps to a very clean point and holds it without fail until
completely dry.

In Memphis, TN I stopped at another art store.  They also had Winsor Newton series 7
brushes on hand.  This is when I was enlightened to how a high quality brush SHOULD

They come in a protective outer tube + the brush end itself has a protector on it;
and boy do these have rock solid tips!

I got my favorite 2 sizes  0 and 000.

I want to in the future try the Raphael 8404's and / or Rosemary and Co 33's.
All of a sudden though, I am very wary about buying brushes I don't get to see
before I pay!

All that a side, boy do these babies lay the paint down sooooo nice.
Time to get the paint on!

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