Monday, September 5, 2011

Storm Warnings! Hanger around!

Don't bother to look outside...the weather is fine!
The health of your armies vehicles however, may NOT be....

Enter Landspeeder Storm! I really didn't intend on mounting all the
scouts in it, but I just got going on them and before I knew it...the model was complete.

I used the multi-melta out of the landraider box as the Storm does not come with any option
 in the bits except for bolter.  I nubbed the mounting hooks from the bolter
 and glued them onto the melta.  While its not perfect it came out pretty good I think.

Another challenge was the gunners arms fitting to the melta and/or positioning.
While again not perfect, it too looks pretty decent.

The biggest challenge by far was NOT to break the ()*&^$$%^*) antenna.  Not 1x but 3x!!!!
I'm waiting for some magnets to come in was already too late for this was gonna look
like a big ball of glue after a 4th repair...

I thought back to what ever redneck american does for a broken antenna....A COAT HANGER!!!
After my brother and I completely died laughing for a long long long time..out came the paperclips
and the dremel.  Add a little tin bitz + gold paint for the wire hanger look and our little comic relief was finished.

Sorta like the comic relief, when you see someone is flying a landspeeder storm at your wall of heavy hitters before you swat it out of the sky.


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