Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wet Palette Review / Observations

I like the experience I have had so far using a wet palette.
On a side note however, I may just go to using a retarder as
I still have several issues with the different palettes.

First  Privateer Press' P3 Wet Palette -

In my not even remotely humble opinion -

I like the size of this palette...especially for mobility.  As I am in a truck 24/7 that
is a BIG plus.

I don't like that the paper that comes with this palette / sold for this palette by P3
isn't the exact proper size for the palette.  Reusable and ready to use are big pluses.

I don't like the sponge.  It's too coarse and doesn't flow water well at all to keep the
paper wet.  I will be pulling mine out and replacing it with cut to fit Bounty paper towels.

I don't like the hinged lid.  It doesn't always stay open, gets in the way, and is NOT
water tight.

At $17-19, save your money and buy the papers separately for a different container
or find a cheaper alternative altogether.

On to Masterson's Sta-wet

This palette comes in a variety of sizes.  I believe that the one I have is the smallest.
Caveat that by saying the smallest available at the art center I was at.   It is however,
at the very max for tolerable size for me personally in my limited workspace.

I like the removeable lid.  I don't like that again its not water tight.

I like the sponge.  It is very fine and feeds water under the paper fairly well.
I don't think I will ever change it out unless  I just get crazy results from a paper product.

I don't like paper that has a lot of prep work.  The included paper has to be boiled
and / or prepared separately.  Too much headache and also impossible in my environs.

At $8-9 dollars, a  decent palette.


This sandwich container IS water tight. It's lid is removeable.  It's a very manageable
size.  It costs about $1.50.

I will end up padding this with paper towels and using the P3 parchment paper cut to fit
more than likely.

There you have it.  There are many palettes out there beyond these, but you should have a
grasp of how they work and what they cost.  Try one if you like!

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