Monday, September 19, 2011

Drop what you are doing!

Made a few changes to my paints.  No not replacing brands, YET.
My paint pots although brand new from the GW mega - paint set are
all gloopy and just irritating.

In my endeavor to become a better painter, I'm thinning my paints,
blending, shading etc. and the GW paint pot is not friendly to that.

First I got a retarder medium....on the cheap version

Food or medical Grade, I'm not sure which from Walmart pharmacy $3.
Mixed with water 3:1.  And as I'm typing this I just realized that
the next one away! LOL!

I got a few dropper bottles...poured my gw pots into them....rinsed that out with
the new solution I just created...poured that into the droppers....added a couple
of stainless bb's for mixing...   VOILA!

Ready to use!

1 comment:

  1. Droppers are tons better than GW paint pots. I have been slowly switching over to those as well. I also try and buy Vallejo paints which come in the dropper design.