Saturday, September 17, 2011

Objectively speaking!

Well, the final part of this months entry to my gaming groups painting challenge are complete.
In recap,  400 pts + 3 objective markers for Sept.  See my other blogs for the
landraider and scouts.

Last night, I was able to complete the objective markers for the Salamanders.

#1  Objective Marker.

Yes, thats a marker!  Aw cmon, be objective!

#2  Battlefield Maintenance

Remember this?  Well it came from....

You just never know when your forces will need repairs!

#3  Finally everyone's ultimate objective is a can!

Hopefully the Salamanders can do just that!

It is a game after all right? right?

Wrap up -  Sept goals are complete 13 days early woo hoo!  Next up to get started
on Novembers tasks. 400 more points and a piece of terrain.

Sally forth!

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