Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Memphis Motherlode!

So we were able to make a pitstop in Memphis on Sunday.  And boy 
did we score a LOT of great stuff.

The main reason for our stop was to go to the factory GW store to pick
up our ForgeWorld order that had come in.  If you order it directly there,
you can pay at the register....US dollars with no conversion fee AND 
they ship it for free!!!!!

We had a great visit with Dave in the shop there.  He was kind enough to tell
us about a model that had been sent to them on accident by ForgeWorld and 
were trying to sell.  We were able to make a spot purchase of the new Contemptor

Every time I go there it makes me wish I lived near there.  They have great events
running all the time!

After that I made a stop at a local art store.  I stocked up on some great additons
to my ever growing pile of painting gear!

Check out my next post for the best things I acquired!

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