Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A contest / incentive!

It started 9/1.  This months task is to model and paint 400 pts + 3 objective markers.
For October, its 400 more points + a piece of scenery
For November, its 400 more points + a conversion piece ( more than head or weapon swap )
For December, its the final 300 pts + a 2x2 display board for the army.

In January, all the guys in our group will get together and play our newly painted armies 1v1.
If you don't get 1500 painted....well you start at a disadvantage!

Well as you can see below I've got a decent start, but I really have to decide on my objectives for this
month and really concentrate on getting everything in the army on similar bases.

Another member of my group, who is a very good converter and painter, has decided to blog
his new army as well.  You can watch that here: Deathwing

If I manage to get pictures ahead of time, I'll be sure to share those.  And maybe I can actually attend the monthly check-ins and get some then as well!

I'd say it's good to see almost everyone of our local group joining in the spirit.  There really is no better feeling than bringing to the table a fully painted army....well...maybe by making your opponent remove his when you trounce him :)

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