Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sha'cea sashay!

It's a commission even if I don't actually get paid isn't it?
Why? For the chance to paint more models to grow personal
talents.  Makes sense to me!

Well enter the tau of the Sha'cea sept.

Roughly 4,000 pts of I'm starting small with a kroot pack

All primed and ready!  Time to bust out the color palette and convert them
all over to dropper bottles.  Wait have I mentioned I hate GW paint pots?
Kroot colors along with my first new paint!


  1. Boo for Fritz on not painting his own Tau. Boo I say, Boo!

  2. Agreed, but did you ever figure he really would? Blame it on 'Ard Boyz for letting him off the hook!